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Bathroom Remodel and Bathroom Ideas in Santa Monica

You can count on Coy Construction for bathroom ideas and bathroom remodel to complete maintenance or renovations to make your bathroom experiences pleasant and enjoyable.

From getting ready for the day, performing hygienic duties, to doing your business, we spend a decent amount of our time in the bathroom. Which is why, comfortability and organization in your bathroom is key to feeling at home.

Our committed and experienced team is devoted to providing you quality custom designs, proper and preventative maintenance, and installation services. Call Coy Construction to make your dream luxury bathroom into a reality!

Coy Construction’s complete bathroom design and remodeling services include:

  • Fixing infuriating leaks and eliminating mold around the tub, shower, and toilet areas
  • Preventative plumbing services and renovation of pipe lines
  • Thorough and detailed examination of bathroom before we begin any renovation
  • We use green board dry wall which is mold resistant
  • Create a beautiful, classy and modern tile look for your shower and bath tub area
  • We only use high quality products which will prevent future plumbing and mold issues
  • Customizable bathroom cabinets, tiles, tubs, showers, and toilets designed and engineered to fit your needs
  • Customizable lighting to cater to the comfort of your eyes
  • Customizable drawers (i.e. electrical drawers), specialized shower heads, sinks, ramps, lifts, handles, faucets, knobs, etc.
  • We are able to design a monorail system for handicapped people that will assist them with their daily tasks

For detailed images, check out our gallery featuring our premium quality services. Give Coy Construction a ring for top of the line bathroom ideas and renovation!