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Customized Kitchen Island and Kitchen Remodel in Santa Monica

Coy Construction provides full-service kitchen remodel and design services for our customers in the Santa Monica area. Our experienced and professional team will provide our clients with fine craftmanship, built and designed with premium materials, coupled with excellent customer service.

Whether it may be to repair a leaky faucet, install new countertops, or tear-down and renovate from the ground up, you can count on Coy Construction to provide you and your family with a luxury look designed to suit your lifestyle and needs. We only provide our clients with premium quality material.

Coy Construction’s Kitchen Remodeling Services include:

  • Full-service customizable kitchen designs to cater to your everyday needs and style.
  • We inspect the root of the issue/s—age of building, shape, smell, framing, termite dilemma, mold issues, etc.—and figure out a quality and preventative solution.
  • We provide our clients with top of the line materials and service that is affordable, licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Provide fully customized luxury kitchenware by Lazy Susan’s.
  • We utilize, beautify and transform every inch of dead space into your daily conveniences (i.e. kitchen island, built-in spice cabinet, state-of-the-art dish washer, etc.).

Contact Coy Construction today to have your kitchen remodeled and beautified in a timely and professional manner with the highest quality materials. The kitchen is the way to most people’s hearts (and stomachs), so our goal is to renovate the perfect kitchen suited and catered to each one of our clients!