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Soundproof foam walls and Home Improvement in Los Angeles County

For the past 20+ years, Coy Construction offers a plethora of noise proofing, soundproofing and sound reduction such as soundproof foam walls for the Los Angeles area. Whether you have a neighbor who rocks out on the drums or blares music at an absurd hour at night, we have a variety of solutions aimed to soundproofing floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and walls for homes, condos, and businesses.

Schedule an appointment with Coy Construction’s team of professionals to start soundproofing those irritating sounds today! We will do an in-person examine at the site to evaluate the levels of sound reduction and proof to determine all of your noise proofing needs.

Coy Construction’s Soundproof Features for Windows, Doors, Walls and Ceilings:

  • We provide soundproof services for everyone—recording studios, condos, conference rooms, offices, police departments, psychiatric wards, restaurants, fire stations, etc.
  • Customizable soundproof studio windows or doors made from the highest quality components!
  • Expert sound solutions for every kind of floor and wall material—wood, tile and stone, carpet, etc.
  • All features can be custom engineered to cater to your noise proofing needs.
  • We offer a double door air lock—GREAT for studios!
  • We provide a detailed in-person evaluation to determine the best soundproofing service for your needs.

For more details, contact Coy Construction for quality and customized privacy and peace! Check out our gallery for pictures of our top of the line services.